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My name is
Pang Hoi Yan Esbella
I'm from Hong Kong
Dear all,
   I am writing to complain about a flight that I recently took with Royal Jordanian airlines, I was booked on the flight from Beirut to Amman on the 4th Aug 2013 at 11:10pm.
The flight was delayed for 1 hours more and due to that I missed all my connecting flights from Amman to Bangkok ( which is 2:10am) suppose arrived Bkk at 3pm on 5th Aug and then my next trip on 6th Aug 2014 from Bangkok to Hk to Hokkaido, I was forced to buy new flights for these journeys and would like to claim the price of my flights back through Royal Jordanian airlines. But they don't even care. No one will try to get me to emirates airline because they do have flight to Bangkok after my missing flight at 2:10am. So by then I have to wait 24 hours for another day same flight to Bkk.
I don't believe they only have 1flight from Amman airport to Bkk airport. Just not flying with them I guess.
I try to get my refund and going to buy another ticket by my myself finally. At the first they said can refund my ticket but when I almost purchase my new ticket they said cannot refund. I only can take this coming flight or purchase a double trip.
For me it's really really bad experience. They just think delay is normal they don't think why we need to be there on time. I missed my meeting with my clients. I feel bad to logs this business. And at the same time, I feel very angry, upset about this and all they can do it put you at the hotel and ask you to wait.
You don't even think about they will put you in a business class to make you feel better or even think about what customers lost with this 24 hours waiting. Our waiting time is nothing's. And their delay is normal. So everyone must wait and about my ticket? Because I don't buy with them. Even I can make it, because of there delay, also not there problems.

Pang Hoi Yan Esbella
Bahia Hassan
Once again I selected this airline for my yearly travel, and once again the service is horrible. The online booking agents for the are incompetent and did not know how to make my booking. They could not guarantee the online fair or my reservation. I booked my travel from Amsterdam to Amman for June 25-August 13. The airline gladly took my money but did not confirm my seats. I am at Amsterdam airport stranded with my husband and 3 kids. They are all very disappointed. I don't know how this airline has any passengers. But thanks to the Israelis that won't let us travel through Tel Aviv, we have to deal with this horrible, incompetent airline. They took my money but did not have the ability and call me to let me know that supposedly my res was not confirmed. I had to show up at the airport to find that out. Now we are stranded in Amsterdam for who knows for how long. Way to go Royal Jordanian. Your customer service sucks and you do not know how to treat your passengers.

Bahia Hassan
Roula Chiquita
My name is Roula
My family and I had a very bad experience with Jordanian airline
We were coming from Jordan "connected flight" to O'hare international airport on January 5th 2013 , our luggages were out 4 hours later , all the other flights were smoothly working except our flight , the rep from the airline was giving random excuses that he couldn't at the time explain himself , the rep tried to put some of people in trouble, he was so unprofessional , he called the security on some of the guys who was so desperate to take his kids home , all of our kids were tired , sleeping on the floor , hungry ...
We never got the right answer what was happening , when I asked what was the problem , he blamed the O'hare office , I asked him to call the manager to talk to , he left for few minutes and came back saying that the O'hare manager told him to ignore the customers, we were furious , mad and tired. We were planning to go home on time but due to this delay , we were so stressed and tired, so my family and I decided to stay at a closest hotel
My opinion is to pay a bit more and book with a different airline
Hope I will hear back from Jordanian !
Roula Chiquita
Rifat Audeh

I saw your website online. Good work. Please feel free to post the letter below. Thx.

To Whom It May Concern:
I’m writing to file a complaint regarding RJ flt. # 111 headed from Amman to London on Thursday December 12, 2013.
After many years of boycotting RJ due to bitter past experiences, I recently started flying with RJ again. The reason for this is that I was told that the company had greatly changed and improved from 10-15 years ago. I stupidly became convinced that this indeed was the case, and restarted flying with RJ and even became a frequent flyer in the Royal Plus program.
As you are well aware, the flight # mentioned above was delayed for more than 7 hours. This is what happened:
      We boarded, and were in the plane for an extended period of time until the captain finally came on the loudspeaker to advise of the delay due to the weather conditions.
      The captain would not come back on the loudspeaker to advise us of updates for at least another hour.
      Whenever the captain would come on, which was rare by the way, and only about 3-4 times in 5+ hours (before we would be transferred to another plane), he would use the excuse that the delay is because of the weather. Only in the very last time that he came on the loudspeaker in the first plane did he admit that there was a technical problem with the plane. 
      In the times that the captain did come on the loudspeaker, we were promised that we would be moving “shortly” or “within the next 15-20 minutes” or something to a similar effect.
      We taxied away from the gate, and were told at one point by the cabin crew that we will be going back to the gate and disembark from the plane back into the terminal, and then we went back to the gate but never entered it.
      Throughout the duration of the delay which was over 7 hours, we were not offered food or drink by the cabin crew, with the exception of 1 time in the 1st hour, when we were offered a glass of juice.
      After waiting for more than 5 hours inside the plane, the ground crew came on the plane and told us that due to the technical problem (which the captain finally told us about in the last time he came onto the loudspeaker), the plane will be grounded and we will be transferred to another plane “within 20 minutes”. [It actually was another 2-2.5 hrs before we took off the ground]. I objected and told the ground crew officer that we have been hearing this matter of finishing “shortly” or “within 20 minutes” from the captain for the past 5 hours. He stated that they are waiting to just get a “security clearance” to transfer us from one plane to the next, as opposed to taking us back into the terminal, because “this would be easier for us”!! He also had the nerve to state that they are making an exception for us and that this is typically never done, as if they are doing us a favor. So I objected as I stated, and told him that I do not want to wait on a plane any longer and that I want to wait in the terminal. He said that I could disembark from the plane, but that I would then have to remain and not travel to London because he cannot get me back onto the other plane. I objected and stated that I have important business in London which I cannot postpone, and he would not give me a convincing reason on why I could not wait in the terminal, yet remained adamant on his position.
      After the ground crew, someone who identified himself as the VP of RJ services came on the loudspeaker, and stated among many things that “they tried to fix the technical problem of the plane numerous times but without success”. This tells me that the captain was not telling us the truth the whole time, and he did not tell us that there was a technical problem with the plane, as he mentioned this only at the very end. How dare RJ conceal this information from the passengers?! This is a matter relating to our safety and this conduct from RJ and one of its pilots is completely unacceptable.
      Even after we were transferred to the other plane, the postponements began once again, along with the de-icing once again (i.e. why couldn’t the de-icing be done before we boarded the 2nd plane?), sitting on the runway for extended periods once again, without any updates once again, without being offered anything to drink once again….etc…etc…etc….
The VP of RJ services stated on the loudspeaker more than once that certain matters were out of their hands, such as the weather, when he apologized. Indeed without a doubt, there are matters out of RJ’s hands. However, what RJ has absolute control over is how they handle such situations and their conduct. Clearly, after 50 years of flying, it still has not learned how to handle these situations professionally or efficiently. As is clear from my points above, inexcusable mistakes were made in every instance, from the captain not updating us, to him not telling us the truth on a matter relating to our safety, to the crew not providing us with any food or drink or anything else that would help us get through the torture they put us through (i.e. why couldn’t the entertainment system be simply turned on for example), to not taking us back to the terminal and allowing us to wait there (particularly the elderly and the children)…and the list goes on. RJ could have easily followed countless other scenarios and procedures at any point –all of which would have been correct- , yet it chose to follow the worst case scenario at the expense of the well-being of the paying passengers.
For example, why didn’t they take us back to the terminal when it became clear that the delay will be some time? Why didn’t the captain update us? Why didn’t the cabin crew feed us? Why did the captain conceal certain facts from us? Why wasn’t the ground crew more professional and cooperative? Why…why…why..? Further, what compensation will be offered to the passengers regarding the suffering and torture that you put us through? What steps has RJ taken to prevent this outrage from happening again?
Yet the worst part of all of this, is that more than likely nobody will be held accountable. (By the way, has an investigation begun on this matter yet? If yes, why haven’t we been updated about it? If no, why not?) The reason I say that nobody will be held accountable, is because I know how things work at RJ in particular and Jordan in general. People are appointed to their positions based on nepotism i.e. “wasta” and not based on their competence. And when things go wrong as they clearly did, those who have this support and backing will go unpunished and will not be held accountable and the cycle continues. Yes, it is based on who you know and not competence. Otherwise, how could you have so many competent people making so many mistakes in such a short amount of time?! So things will go on as is.
This reminds me why I used to boycott RJ in the first place, and makes me smarter for my future choices and the choices of my business partners and their employees as well. Shame on you.
Rifat Audeh
Waleed Janem
I decided to write after 3 bad experiences.
1. In March 2012, My wife had her first travel back to Jordan after being married for 9 months. She had a baggage full of invaluable gifts. She "lost" her baggage although it has a name tag and a phone number. They paid "$400".
2. In May 2013, my mom who is wheel chaired traveled back to Jordan with a carry on bag within the limits (8 kg). The hostess took it at the door of the air plain "because she needs someone to put it in the upper cabinet, BUT she does not have one", so the carry on bags was sent to other baggage area and she did not see hers when she arrived. guess what? they forgot to bring it. but she had it the next day.
3. Yesterday, my mother in law came through a connection flight from Amman to Chicago and then to Buffalo. She had to take her baggage at Chicago and check them again with the second airline. Guess what? no one told her to do this. She knew by chance "heard 2 people rumbling". The ticket was booked as a connection flight from expedia BUT IT IS NOT:(
3 things have happened to my wife, my mother and my mother in law. That mean you have a chance of 100% to have trouble with them.
In addition to this you will also notice bad treatment at the airport.
saad a. hijjawi

01-07-2012 04:15 AM

To Mr Dabbas,

It is very surprising to read so many unpleasant comments on the bad experience with RJ, especially from the long distance destinations. I am a frequent flyer on RJ to different destinations in the Middle East & the Gulf, & I should say I rarely had any serious problem with my flights & I find the staff very friendly.

Recently I was sitting with friends living in Canada & the US, and both families were complaining about their unpleasant experiences with RJ. I tried to defend the airline & said “you must be talking about RJ ten years ago”; but to my surprise it was not the case! Today I had a quick look at the Passengers Reviews & I was chocked with the number of complaints that came from passengers flying long distant flights or connecting flights!

Dear Sir, I think it would be a good idea if you personally put on the same page your point of view and the action taken by the RJ management towards these complaints. I guess this will be as credible, if not more, than many RJ campaigns or whatever is read in the inflight magazine on the greatness of the airline.    


  saad a. hijjawi

cris roman
01-13-2012 03:09 AM

I My expericencia BAD, I flew from Madrid to Colombo with Royal Jordanian, very basic aircraft and worst crew. They lost my suitcase in Amman and have been waiting 3 days not only for the suitcase, but somebody  answered the phone. They even know were the suitcase was. The bad customer care, not provide solutions and give you a thousand telephones that do not answer to anyone. My advice, do not lose sight of the suitcase or get  the insurance. At the end the cheap things are expensive. I STILL WAITTING IN MY WINTER CLOTHS AND THEY DON'T GIVE ME ANY SOLUTION!!!!!! all my hollidays broke because of them.
From: Dr. Osama Alshafei
10-24-2011 08:23 AM
Dear sir
My fair share of bad experience during hurricane Irene at JFK with RJ
Please share it on your website  

I would like to take this opportunity to express my absolute dissatisfaction regarding my reservation number NVLDQY purchased through AA your one world alliance. I was scheduled to fly out of JFK 8/27/2011 on the same day as Irene hit NYC. I received a phone call the night before indicating the flight will depart sooner than scheduled,
however JFK was closed at 12 pm on 8/27/11 and when I arrived the airport was closed.
So I called your customer services on who advised me that I have been
re-booked on 8/28/2011 around dawn time. After which you website clearly indicated that passengers booked on 8/27 will be traveling on 8/29 7 pm.

I called your customer services and they confirmed. I turned up to the airport and your ticketing desk didnt accept my reservation number due to the fact that the ticket was issued by AA and instructed me to go to AA. Having gone to AA, they confirmed that RJ is the carrier for that portion of the ticket and it is RJ responsibility. I returned back to RJ who refused to put me on the flight and kept pumping me back to customer service
phone number which I kept calling and can provide itemized bill of the tremendous cost of these calls where I was kept either on hold by the operator or by the representative without getting back to me. I ended up booking a one way ticket on Qatar airways incurring additional charges and costs.
I hereby request RJ to compensate me for the Qatarairways one way ticket costs and the costs of phone calls.
Kindly be advised that AA had just refunded me the RJ portion of the ticket, however, being left stranded in an airport being refused to board a plane having been contacted by the airline is clearly RJ responsibility as a carrier.
Dr. Osama Alshafei

From:Martin Wharmby

04-26-2011 12:06 PM
Dear Sir/Madam,
  I am writing to you this morning to complain about a flight that I recently took with Royal Jordanian airlines, I was booked on the flight from Baghdad to Amman on the 21st  April 2011.
The flight was delayed for 3 hours and due to that I missed all my connecting flights from Amman to Dubai and then my next connection from Dubai to Manchester, I was forced to buy new flights for these journeys and would like to claim the price of my flights back through Royal Jordanian airlines.
Could you please assist me in making a claim for the extra air fares that were incurred due to the Royal Jordanian airlines error.
Many Thanks
Martin Wharmby
:doc mek
10-12-2010 07:50 PM

I traveled Amman Chicago with my wife and 3 kids age 2,3 and 5 yrs old. We had confirmed the trip twice before departure and we arrived to the airport 2 hours before departure and to the check in counter one hour and 30 minutes and to our surprise we found that the flight was overbooked and we had to wait for 45 minutes till they found seats for us but it got even worse when we found that our kids are scattered all over the plain. When we asked them why they said you were lucky we could find you seats. I tried to complain but there was no use. I wrote a complaint, they received it and there was no comment, not even an apology.
I will never travel with them again and I would never recommend them to anyone.

doc mek
:Syed Ahmed
09-23-2010 01:28 PM
Dear Sir or Madam:

I traveld from Chicago (USA) to Jeddah, August 21,2010. When I arrived at Jeddah Airport, my only luggage (baggage) and my mother weel-chair was not arrived at the airport. They gave me a claim ticket and said, call us we will send your weel chair and baggage at the Hotel. I called every day to find out about my baggage and my mother weel chair, all of your crew members at the jeddah airport was unhelpfull and ask me, what happend again and again.

It was terrible trip, my mother and i have no cloths, with out medican, with out weel-chair of my mother. It was horible horible. I had to buy my clothes and my mother medician that cost me almost $900.00 dollars also she become sick in jedda because of medician were not the same as USA. The main concerned is my personal property camara which has photos of my family and other photos.

The last day in Jedda, I was flying back to Chicago dated August 28,2010. I met one of your airport baggage crew member, told me they still have not found my luggage and will send me my luggage at my home address in Chicago. Now today is September 23,2010, I have not received or get phone call from any of your people.

Syed Ahmed

: "Murat & Tasha"
Bad Airlines
09-19-2010 06:18 AM

Hi, I was travelling from London to Amman to visit my family after being away
for over 13 months, had to wait inside the airplane for over 8 hours while
we still in heathrow airport even food been served..all that time without
one single information of what is going on.
  after all that waiting time they ask us to leave the airplane and again
not a single information of what is going on, had to wait in airport without
knowing what to do. cant go home same time they didn't provide us with
hotels or anything had to wait over 26 hours in airport.. after complaining
and causing ciaos.. hardly could fly. And that was the time I promise my
self not to use that rubbish airlines ever again.

Thank you
Tasha Caner
Jon Smith     04-17-2010 10:15 AM
I hope you can help me as you said you would post the comments.
Today my wife was coming home with Royal Jordanian Airlines from New Delhi, through Amman to Rome.  It was our 25 Anniverssary and she was delayed in New Delhi for 4 hours, missed her connecting flight through Amman.  When I called their Customer Service, which costs me well over 150 Eusros from Rome they were laughing and provided no assistance at all.  They cut me off continually having me to call back.  This is one of the worst airline experiences we have had and I want everone to know never use RJA, the Real Joke Airlines.
Thank you Jon

Sent From Detroit Michigan:

To Whom It May Concern,

Assalamu Alaikum.  I am writing this letter due to my very unpleasant experience with Royal Jordanian's Detroit branch manager, Mr. Abd Salameh.  My family and I; my brothers, mother and father, are all frequent Flyers with the Royal Jordanian Airlines.  We fly about five to six times a year. Most of us carry the gray frequent flyer card.  My card number is XXXXXX.  Due to my line of work I also plan on flying to Jordan within the next two weeks.  I am a frequent Flyer with other airlines such as KLM, Northwest, and Lufthansa.  I have had minor inconveniences in the past with the Royal Jordanian every time I fly but have dismissed them.  But on the 29th of June, I had booked a reservation for my mother to fly back to Jordan with my in-laws so they can help her through the flight.  My mother is an older woman in her 70's so it's very important to have someone with her to help her out and this was the perfect opportunity.  Well her reservation was Canceled without our knowledge.  We found this out once we reached the airport.  We spoke to the station Manager Abd Salameh, and he said "Your reservation was Canceled due to computer error.  The plane is full but I'll see if I can let her on the plane today."  We waited in the airport until all passengers checked in.  The only people that were left were standby passengers and us.  Among the people that were let on the plane were 4 standby passengers and a Royal Jordanian employee.  My mother was not let on the plane even though her luggage was on it.  He even let a same day passenger on due to her "connections" واسطة"".  It is such a shame that a full paying passenger need a "واسطة" to get what is rightfully hers these days; only on the Royal Jordanian.  I could have even used her miles to get her a free ticket but chose not to.  A child named Sarah Xxxxx was let on the plane without the company of an adult and was even given an isle seat which is clearly against you regulations.  Her ticket was purchased the same day at 3:25 pm through Rainbow Travel.  My mother's seat was given to this child.  I could have delayed the plane due to my mother's luggage being on it, but I chose not to be difficult and took into consideration that this was an Arab airline and I did not want to affect its image. I know many people who no longer travel with your airlines due to their bad experience with the station manager Abd Salameh and would love to see him go.  I urge you to look into this matter as soon as possible and reprimand Mr.Salameh for abusing his position and misrepresenting the Royal Jordanian.  Again, I plan on traveling within the next two weeks and look forward to a better experience.  Please feel free to email me at XXXXXXXXXX or call me at (XXX) XXXXXXX. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.


                                                                                    Best regards,

RJ Passenger.


p.s. attached are copies of my mothers ticket (no. xxxxxxxxxxxxx),  her confirmed reservation, and  Sarah xxxxxx reservation and standby status.

ROYAL JORDANIAN AIRLINES review :  3 June 2009 : by D Mueller

Trip Rating : 0/10

Score  0 out of 10

Do Not Fly Royal Jordanian. They are rude and do not care about customer service. I was travelling to Bahrain with three young children. Missed our flight in Chicago because of connecting delay - RJ's response was that it was not their fault, their offer was to send us on our way 2 nights later, with another night in Amman (no guarantee of hotel vouchers). Three nights in an airport are not a viable option with three young children. Now, our 8 pieces of luggage apparently did not miss our flight - five have appeared in Bahrain, via RJ, but they say it is not their fault. It took me 4 days, 3 nights and two sets of tickets (4 people) to make it to Bahrain and it looks like three suitcases full of clothing.You get what you pay for. Buyer be aware.

ROYAL JORDANIAN AIRLINES review :  14 June 2009 : by S Surayara

Trip Rating : 0/10

Score  0 out of 10

ORD-AMM-BEY return. Checking in at ORD is extremely slow and they are unable to use their own system as they were unable to figure out how to check our bags through to our final destination in Beirut. We were traveling with a 2 and 5 year old and were not allowed to bring on an airline approved car seat even though we purchased a seat for our 2 year old. Cabin was old and smelled very strange. Cabin staff was a mix of pleasant and extremely rude attendants. During a 12 hour flight from Ord-Amm the staff was rarely seen. Right after takeoff they served dinner and they were not seen again until 1 our before landing. They just disappeared for about 10 hours. They even told another passenger who was speaking amongst themselves in the last passenger row of the plane that they had to be quiet because the crew was sleeping in their rest seats. When returning from Beirut we got to the airport 3 hours early. We only had a 1 hour connect time in Amm and asked Bey staff for tickets. After 2 hours they said they can't figure it out how to check us in for the Amm-Ord tickets but assured us to just get them at the transit desk in Amm. Once we arrived in Amm we had 50 minutes before departure. They had not even boarded the flight and we were told we would not be boarded. They told us they close the flight 1 hour before departure and we should have gotten the tickets in Bey. After explaining we tried but Beirut was unable to figure it out, they didn't care. No customer service. The supervisor would stand in front of us and just lie! Worst of all, the flight was half empty and our luggage and stroller was boarded to Ord and we were left in Amm for 2 days with no change of clothes and put at a dump of an airport hotel. We will never fly them again.

ROYAL JORDANIAN AIRLINES review :  26 March 2009 : by Andrew Perkins

Trip Rating : 1/10

Score  1 out of 10

I flew recently from Chicago to Amman, the staff at the counter were rude, the aircraft cabin was dirty. My luggage was missing at arrival and no person could give any information on the whereabouts of our bags or when we are likely to get them - all the could tell us every time we contact them "your bags will be on the next flight" it took them three weeks to finally inform us the bags could not be located, and six weeks to get compensated with a fraction of the costs of our bags and their contents.

ROYAL JORDANIAN AIRLINES review :  26 March 2009 : by Don Middleton

Trip Rating : 1/10

Score  1 out of 10

BKK-AMM. Second time flying with RJ on long haul and as bad as the first time. Both times Business Class. Flight sat at the gate for 5 hours past departure due to equipment problems. After departure the plane was diverted to Doha for more repairs. Arrived at Amman 10 hours late (made for a 19 hour trip). Transit desk was a mad house with no lines - he who screamed loudest got served first. During all the ground time, the FA's were out of sight - no water - and it was hot. Cannot imagine anyone flying this airline if they have a choice.

ROYAL JORDANIAN AIRLINES review :  28 December 2009 by R Kuldmets   (Ireland)


Trip Rating :  1/10

Score  1 out of 10




LHR-BKK return. London to Amman flight was pretty good. Food ok and inflight entertainment fair. Amman to Bangkok total disaster. Crew didnt seem to care about anybody. About 6 hours into the flight the crew were sleeping and it took them 10 min to come and serve a glass of water. One of the toilets didn't work. Amman airport security was rude and unhelpful. Never fly with them again.

ROYAL JORDANIAN AIRLINES review :  20 March 2009 : by Roger Clark

Trip Rating : 0/10

Score  0 out of 10

We were booked on 13th January Paris to Amman, business class. Arrived at Paris airport, no plane, no information, rude staff. Finally rang Qantas in Sydney who were the issuers of the tickets. They were, in contrast, super helpful, advised plane was cancelled and rebooked our flight for next day. We needed written advice of cancellation for insurance purposes- no replies to any of our emails. Amman to Aleppo business class tickets issued by Royal Jordanian Airlines Sydney office. On arrival at airport, advised tickets had been cancelled. Had to purchase new tickets at double the original price. Six weeks later am still unable to obtain refund.

ROYAL JORDANIAN AIRLINES review :  20 March 2009 : by Spencer Anderson

Trip Rating : 0/10

Score  0 out of 10

Bangkok to Amman return - he worst airline I've ever flown. During the flight, the stewardesses regularly swore at passengers who had issues and personally humiliated them by shouting at them in front of the entire cabin. The seat belt sign was left on for 6 hours, meaning nobody could get up until we got over Saudi Arabia. When people tried to get up to use the bathroom, the stewardesses would grab them and push them into their seats. The food was terrible. On the way back, at the check in counter, when I tried to explain that I needed my bag checked through to Singapore, my final destination, the check in person said this was different from the plane's destination of Bangkok. He told me not to try any of my "Jew tricks" and then threatened to have me arrested for lying to a government official. I was only able to check in because I got to get to another guy who spoke enough English to understand that Singapore was my final destination. 

ROYAL JORDANIAN AIRLINES review :  8 November 2008 : by I Gray

Trip Rating : 0/10

Score  0 out of 10

The poorest service of any of airline I flew. Constant flight delays - last flight was delayed 5 hours because of technical issues. I understand issues arise from mechanical to weather but the incompetence of how it was handled was shocking. We were never officially told how long the delay was, and had to rely on other passengers relaying the information. Additionally, it was always one more hour, one more hour - for five hours is a bit much. Once it was decided that the plane was arriving, they changed the gate - keep in mind this was Amman (not a very big airport) at 4:30am - next to no other flights - this gate change meant that all passengers had to leave the secure area and had to go through security again - it made absolutely no sense. Service - I have no faith in their ability to do anything correctly. We had a connecting flight in HK from Amman - and could not check in the entire way despite it all being One World alliance - but some how they were able to check our bags - I have always been under the impression that you cannot check bags if the passenger has not boarded - this is a security issue. There are countless other issues with there service from rude employees to ones that outright lie - ie. we had a connection in HK which we missed because RJ was delayed yet again, I asked for it to be sorted before I boarded and was told repeatedly that it would be - only to be told that nothing was sorted and that I would have to figure it out myself in HK - unbelievable. I am surprised the royal family lends their name to this most incompetent airline. 

Royal Jordanian Airlines - by M Kelsey

19 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating :

On a flight to Bangkok via Amman we were diverted to an unnamed military airport. Despite informing the cabin crew that we had a connection to make we waited aboard the aircraft for over two hours. We were then dumped on the tarmac in the bitter cold and then given the choice of waiting in the cold or in a smoke filled room. Nobody from Royal Jordanian. Eventually our passports were taken away. Then told we were to catch a bus to Amman. When we got outside the bus went without us. Waited several more hours in another room. Again no-one from Royal Jordanian there. Luggage that was checked through to Bangkok was found, by chance, in a pile in a corner. Eventually, after a six hour delay we got a bus to Amman where we had to lug our bags around and check in again despite being in transit. No-one from Royal Jordanian seemed to know about us let alone care. Keep Away! 

Royal Jordanian Airlines - by Peter Brookes

15 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating :

AQB-AMM delayed by crew duty time limitation exceeded, which resulted in lost connection of AMM-LHR. No meal vouchers, calls, e-mails, faxes allowed by duty manager who stated he had not heard of the Montreal Convention. Re-routed via DXB - seat pitch so small, myself and a fellow passenger stood for the whole flight, transfered onto Emirates DXB-LHR. I travel with Royal Jordanian 9 times per year and never has the flight departed on time - they always quote air traffic control as the cause, even though they are still loading passengers at take off time. I agree with other comments re security staff at Amman - they are a joke and expect a back hander to get equipment through security checks. I also agree about Royal Jordanian duty managers smirking when passengers have a problem - they just don't care. My advice is don't fly with them - when things go bad no support or advice or help is ever given by any of them. 

Royal Jordanian Airlines - by J Jerome

3 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating

This is not an airline, it is a circus side-show. If you want anything done, try a 'fifty dollar handshake', it seems to be the only way things work. On the LHR-AMM leg, check-in was delayed by an hour, as was the flight. At least cabin crew were friendly and competent. By the time we arrived in Amman all our onward flights had either already left or been cancelled (even though mine was shown as being gate open on the board, I was told it was cancelled with no reason given - I suspect simply due to empty seats). Result: a five hour wait for a hotel room between 1am and 6am, while those with short connections and long-haul flights were given the chance to shower. Absolutely no liaison between the airline and the hotel management which led to hundreds of tired (and angry) passengers. The rest of us then had a three-day wait in the Alia Hotel with no information on progress whatsoever. Even when I tracked down the RJ duty managers in the airport they inspired little confidence (one simply sat smirking while I complained). From the cavalier attitude to passengers to the rude corrupt security staff at Amman airport this is one of the worst experiences I've had with an airline. No stars.

Royal Jordanian Airlines - by D Burson

7 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating :

Our flight from Bangkok to Amman was 4 hours late leaving. The plane was old, sink and toilet blocked and smell was unbearable. Flight attendants did not offer water or juice, were indifferent and uncaring. The airport in Jordan belongs in the middle ages. We enjoyed our time in Jordan but getting there and back was not an enjoyable experience.

Royal Jordanian Airlines - by P Thomas

11 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating

LHR-BKK return, the experience being the worst I have had on an airline. Delayed takeoff from London with no information regarding the connection to Bangkok, poor food, surly cabin crew, appalling poor video quality, broken air vents and sound sockets. On the return I dealt with a medical emergency onboard, and the pilot arranged an upgrade for the Amman leg to London - when I went to board, this was refused, despite a note from their senior manager at Amman. Ground staff at Amman are rude and abrupt, and trying to get any information is futile. I would never fly on this airline again under any circumstances. 

Royal Jordanian Airlines - by Khaled Ahmad

22 January 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Amman to Chicago was delayed 9 hours and lost my connection flight. Although RJ paid for another connection flight, I was responsible to move luggage from terminal 5 at Ohare aiport to terminal 3. Traveling with my wife and three children, it was not an easy task at all. I think RJ should have kept us at Alia Hotel in Amman and resumed travel the next day. Most travelers would have had the needed rest instead of waiting all this time in a non-operational airplane and different terminals at Alia airport. I look forward for better coordination and customer satisfaction on behalf of RJ.